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Daido Metal is the largest manufacturer in the world for several types of bearings, including a share of over 30% for automobile engine bearings and a share of 59% for large ship engine bearings (according to the in-house estimation of CY2014).

Our bearings and products have been tesed and proven around the globe in a vas array of indusries, mos notably in the automotive, marine and indusrial markets. Our high-performance products are manufactured to the exacting sandards needed for a specifc application.

Daido Metal:
Bushing Blocks

Pressure Load Plates

Our products are engineered to exacting standards. Versatile product lineup with bearings made from ROHS standards. Designed and improved for performance in unique applications. Expertise and experience to specify the right product for superior results. Flexible in our manufacturing process to accommodate all unique designs.

Daido Metal:
Bushings & Plain Bearings

Engine Plain Sleeve Bearings Bushings

Daido Metal ofers a versatile product lineup with bushings (aka plain bearings and sleeve bearings) made from many types of materials for improved performance in each unique applications. Whether you need polymer, metallic or engine bearings, we have the experience you need to specify the right product for superior results.

Industries We Serve With Our Precision Manufacturing



Medical & Life Sciences









Fiber Optics

Material Expertise


    • Carbon and alloy steels
    • 300 & 400 stainless steel
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Copper and copper alloys
    • 17-4 PH
    • Inconel Monel and various other high-temperature materials
    • Magnesium
    • Nickel and Nickel alloys
    • Titanium
    • Tool steels
    • Kovar


      • ABS
      • Acetal / Delrin
      • Acrylic (Extruded & Cast)
      • Nylon (Extruded & Cast)
      • Polycarbonate (Optical, Mechanical)
      • PTFE/Teflon
      • PVC
      • CPVC
      • Delrin DE588
      • Ertalayte / PET-P
      • Fluorosint
      • G10 / FR4
      • Kydex


        • Kynar / PVDF
        • Norly / PPO
        • PBT
        • PEEK
        • Polysulfone
        • Roxolite
        • Radel R/PPSU
        • Torlon / PAI
        • Thermosed Composites
        • Ultem / PEI
        • Vespel

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