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Bushing Blocks

Our products are engineered to exacting standards

  • Versatile product lineup with bearings made from ROHS standards.
  • Designed and improved for performance in unique applications.

  • Expertise and experience to specify the right product for superior results.

  • Flexible in our manufacturing process to accommodate all unique designs.

Bearing Blocks / Split D-Blocks

Bearing Blocks / Split Bearing Blocks

Dynamac, a division of Cutting Edge Machining and Automation, can produce bearing blocks:
Gr05 / Gr1 / Gr1.5 / Gr2 / Gr2.5 / Gr3 / Gr3.5 / Gr 4 and higher.

We can also produce split bearing blocks (D-Blocks).

Bearing Blocks Rubber Anti-Extrusion Seals

Bearing Blocks w Rubber & Anti-Extrusion Seals

We can supply bearing blocks with rubber & anti-extrusion seals. They are buying these seals directly from the suppliers in Europe which are already approved from the customer.

Pressure Load Plates

Pressure Load Plates

We can produce the pressure load plates for:
Gr05 / Gr1 / Gr1.5 / Gr2 / Gr2.5 / Gr3 / Gr3.5 / Gr 4 and higher

Engineered Materials

Engineered Materials

  • High Strength Extrusion Alloy 6042 – T5511;
  • Bronze alloy available in case of specifc applications
  • RoHS compliance
  • DDR15 (machinable)& DDR17 (FR165) High Performance Bearings
  • Reliable Cusom Geometry with high capability to respect tight tolerances