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Machine Tending
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Laser Welding
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Laser Welder

Injection Molding
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For injection mold machines, integration is even easier with the Universal Robots Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI) that offers standardized connectivity between a UR e-Series robot and injection molding machinery.

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Screwdriving Solution

When you automate a screwdriving task, you keep employees from harm and can redirect them to value-added tasks. Elevate your workforce with a simple and easy-to-use automation solution.


  • Free workers for higher-value tasks
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries
  • Improve product quality
  • Solve labor shortages
Dispensing Solution

Simple Automated Dispensing

Truly Plug&Dispense – fast to install and easy to set up.

Electric Process Control ensures the highest repeatability on the market. All of this results in 10x faster deployment and zero headaches

Precision: Our dispensers are electronically controlled, removing the variation naturally present when using pneumatic solutions. This ensures that our dispensers deliver fluids with high repeatability for better quality control.

Ease of Use: We believe in simplicity when it comes to set up and installation of our units. Operators feel comfortable when changing the application because the dispensing units are seamlessly integrated with the collaborative robots.

Cobot System


Palletizing robots  can meet virtually any palletizing requirement. Thanks to a wide selection of end effectors, robotic palletizers provide maximum flexibility. Whether you need to handle, cases, bags pails, jugs, drums, or any other type of container, we can provide you with adapted, reliable and highly productive palletizers for small-, medium-, and large-scale production

  • Robot base
  • Fully integrated vertical 7th axis
  • Vacuum Gripper
  • Status lights, pallet and box sensors
  • Cable management system
  • Application software

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Automation of production machinery should not require costly, complicated, and time-consuming integration. There should be no additional cost to prepare a second or third machine to communicate with a robot you may want to move around your shop.

Our experienced team has closely analyzed the cumbersome and sometimes frustrating process of integrating and validating robot-to-machine communications and studied the natural human-to-machine interactions to develop highly effective, efficient cobot systems.

It’s simple. Just plug and produce!

We offer standardized solutions for CNC Machines, press brakes, injection molding, palletizing, welding, bagging, testing, and assembly, including torque-controlled screw driving and fluid dispensing for sealing and adhesive applications.