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Bushings and Plain Bearings

Our products are engineered to exacting standards

Daido Metal ofers a versatile product lineup with bushings (aka plain bearings and sleeve bearings) made from many types of materials for improved performance in each unique applications. Whether you need polymer, metallic or engine bearings, we have the experience you need to specify the right product for superior results.

Our products are manufactured for precise sandards for long-term usage and high output. Made from aluminum alloy, bronze alloy, copper alloy or other properties, our products can take your designs to the next level. We can even cusom manufacture a split bushing or fange bushing for your specifc needs. Visit DaidoMetal.com

Polymer Plain Sleeve Bearings Bushings

Polymer Bearings / Bushings

Because of their srength and wear-resisance despite using no lubrication, Daido Metal’s polymer split bushings (aka plain bearings and sleeve bearings) products are being used not only for automotive parts but also in a wide range of felds including ofce equipment, consruction equipment, hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants, high speed vehicles, trains, dome sadiums and more.

Metallic Plain Sleeve Bearings Bushings

Metallic Bearings / Bushings

This high performance plain bushing (aka plain bearing and sleeve bearings) material solves a hos of problems that plague sliding parts.

Engine Plain Sleeve Bearings Bushings

Engine Bearings / Bushings

These products of exceptional technical sandards and reliability are not used only for passenger cars, buses and consruction machinery. They are also used for the high-speed engine bearings of racing cars, including Formula 1 cars, and give an ultra-high-tech edge in motor sports applications.

Turbo Machinery Bearing System

Turbo Machinery Bearing Systems

Daido Metal develops plain bearings to support the spindles of a wide range of rotary equipment, noting first and foremost the turbines and compressors used at power plants.