Lower Heat. Less Distortion. Faster Welds.

Elevate your welders’ efficiency and weld quality with the IPG LightWELD handheld laser welder.

And significantly reduce your cost per part!

Less Heat Distortion

Ultra-fast Welding Speeds

Wider Range of Materials

Fast Learning Curve

Traditional Welding Methods Are time-consuming and difficult to Learn.

  • TIG welding is a time-consuming, two-handed method requiring an experienced, highly-skilled welder.
  • MIG welding requires a consumable wire, material pre-cleaning, and beveled joints for thick metals for full penetration.

With the LightWELD handheld welder, you can weld with more speed, ease, and precision than ever before. This versatile tool works wonders on a variety of materials and thicknesses, delivering flawless results with minimal distortion, deformation, undercutting, or burn-through.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to learn and master!

LightWELD – Turnkey Handheld Laser Welding

  • Adjustable laser welding power up to 1500 W
  • Preset & user-defined modes optimize material-thickness combinations
  • Wobble welding controls for 5 mm of additional weld width
  • The rear panel provides intuitive connections for power, process gas and external accessory controls
  • Cleaning power up to 2500 W peak for greater welding quality and finishing capability

Increase  Productivity and Flexibility with Superior-Quality Welds—Without Burdening Your Welders!

Unlock New Opportunities by Adding Laser Welding to Your Operations

Eliminate the Issues Caused by TIG and MIG Welding

IPG’s LightWeld handheld laser is 4X faster than manual TIG welding and doesn’t have the same material and gauge limitations. Unlike MIG welding, the handheld laser welding machine is highly versatile and can easily accommodate a wide range of travel distances, angles, and vertical positions.

Use the LightWeld presets to get staff started on welding all types of materials and gauges.

What’s more, the handheld laser machine is portable, so your team can use it  anywhere, even for workpieces that are large, difficult to move, and oddly shaped.

Gain Peace of Mind with Cutting Edge Machining & Automation Customer Care Program

We’re not simply robotics system suppliers. We will help you seamlessly integrate your laser welding robot into your operations and optimize its use in production. Our Customer Care Program offers unmatched consulting, troubleshooting, and technical support to facilitate the transition to automation.



How to choose a handheld laser welder?

Not all handheld laser welders are created equally. During your consultation with Cobot Systems, we’ll evaluate your specific welding needs, including the complexity, precision, and volume of the work your business typically does. We will also offer tips and tricks to ensure worker safety.

Are handheld laser welders any good?

Yes, handheld laser welders can be excellent tools, offering high precision, versatility, and minimal distortion. They can handle a range of materials and welding tasks, making them a good fit for many different welding applications.

Can laser welding be done by hand?

While many laser welding operations are automated for consistency and precision, handheld laser welding is great for increased manual control, which may be required for complex or unique welding tasks, repairs, or when working on large or awkwardly-shaped pieces that may not fit into a standard automated laser welding machines.

Is laser welding as strong as MIG?

An increasing number of manufacturers and fab shops are switching from MIG and TIG welding to handheld laser welding because laser welding is faster and stronger than conventional methods and offers better penetration than MIG.

What are the issues with laser welding?

Since the laser welder is fast, keeping a steady weld path can be challenging. Integrating a handheld laser welding system with a cobot automates the process and ensures a steady weld path. Visit our Laser Welding Cobot System page for more information.

We get it. Switching Welding Technologies Sounds Intimidating.

Are you worried that upgrading your welding technologies might lead to long downtimes, worker resistance, and potential quality issues? Let Cobot Systems handheld laser welding experts alleviate your anxiety by showing you exactly how to take your throughput and weld quality to a whole new level.

Your welders and other workers alike will quickly notice the positive impact on their day-to-day work.